What is a smart home

It is a house equipped with an automatic system called smart home automation that links the various devices and systems in the house together so that they can all be controlled from anywhere and managed automatically, creating the required interaction among them. It is controlled via a special control panel, mobile applications, or voice aids.
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who are we

Ocean Smart is a Saudi facility specialized in smart systems for buildings and companies that provides the latest technology solutions in the field of smart buildings. Our services include the automation of daily tasks and control of home appliances, monitoring systems and safety from intrusion, fire and accidents through a smart and integrated system.

Our services

We provide services for transforming buildings into smart buildings through smart products powered by artificial intelligence that can be remotely controlled and programmed to automate many daily operations and activities, turning on or off devices, lighting, air conditioning, cameras, motion monitoring systems, etc. to ensure our customers comfort and benefit from the latest practical developments in the field of smart homes and buildings in addition to the highest levels of security and protection. 
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Why choose Ocean Smart

Experience in the field

Your home is your comfort and shelter for you and your family. That's why security and safety is our a top priority.

Safety and Security

Your home is your comfort and shelter for you and your family. That's why security and safety is our top priority.


We guarantee you high quality, flawless and continuous services.

Creativity and Innovation

We offer creative and innovative solutions to make your life and your family's life better and safer .

Excellent prices

We provide the latest technologies for smart buildings of the highest quality at very affordable prices.

Solutions for Saudi market

We take into account the cultural peculiarities of the Saudi society and provide solutions that are in line with our culture and customs

Packages and offers

We offer our customers packages and offers that meet all needs and tastes

Silver Package

Golden Package

Diamond Package

Smart Security and Surveillance


Learn about our premium brands that offer the best smart products for your smart home.